Ideal for beginners or for experienced practitioners to revisit their basics - this lab style workshop is a chance to slow down the pace and deconstruct the foundations of some of yoga's more recognizable poses (asana).

Taking the time to stop, ask questions, decode cryptic cueing and receive hands-on adjustment will increase your confidence in your practice.

We will learn some names in sanskrit, observe correct breathing and identify where your gaze (Drishti) should be, as well as focusing on correct alignment as a way to balance your strength and flexibility and allow you to practice with a natural sense of ease.

The Singing Bowl is a beautiful instrument for meditation and relaxation, plus sound and vibrational healing.

In this workshop we will learn about the origins of the singing bowl and the profound effect that its vibrations can have on our bodies and our minds.

We will learn to play the bowls and how to use them for a soothing and healing massage.

Giving and receiving this special type of healing with our fellow participants.

In this 2 hour detox workshop we will focus on building heat and moving through asana to sweat and wring out toxins, leaving you feeling refreshed and re-energised.

Serena will integrate the body with specific meditation and pranayama practices, that allow us to ask the questions "What am I holding on to? What do I need to release?"

You will leave with new insights that will inspire you to maintain your detox masterpiece at home.

Acroyoga fosters great connection, communication and trust and who better to develop all of the above with, than your children.
Its a super fun way to take some time out with the kids and meet them in play and you will forever be your child's hero once they have flown with you!!!

Serena teaches with games and trust exercises, then some basic strength practices and foundational L-base acro poses. If participants need more of a challenge then we will add some flows and strart to introduce back flying and even some inversions!

Come create some lasting memories for your little ones (we all remember the first time we flew).


Inversions can be anything you want them to be, from Standing Forward Bend to Headstand. They can be a deep release for the spine, a rush of blood to the brain, the defiance of gravity and even the conquering of fear. Whatever inversion you choose you are in danger of feeling freedom and joy!!! Change your perspective as we learn, play and laugh with Serena’s easy-going teaching style and her methodical and safe learning strategy.  We’ll work from simple to challenging inversions with step by step instructions and no pressure to push further than you wish to. You’ll leave feeling energised, balanced, empowered and inspired. All levels welcome to come and play.

A movement and meditation workshop which will include:

Exploration of a variety of meditation techniques (for stress relief)

Establishing a seated practice

Finding your meditative breath

Moving Meditation

Restorative postures to close.

Equal parts movement and meditation, this workshop is a calm and simple way for beginners to approach meditation and for experienced practitioners to enjoy a quiet space to explore more deeply.

A little self awareness and introspection always serves our quest to connect with our inner selves, live more mindfully an reduce anxiety and stress.