Serena runs retreats of varying lengths from day-long themed urban offerings to weekend getaways and week-long sanctuaries.

Typically a retreat would include twice daily meditation practices with an emphasis on learning many and varied meditation techniques, as Serena understands that each individual responds differently to each meditation style.


She would also include twice daily asana practice, again tailored to the needs of the group in question and also dependent on the theme of the retreat. Asana practices can range from a detox practice to a vinyasa flow or inversion workshop, to a gentle restorative session to finish a day.

Serena also always includes time for quiet reflection, maybe journaling about thoughtful questions she will put to the group, doing some mindful colouring or even just the silence we observe after evening meditation until the end of morning meditation the next day.

Serena carefully selects beautiful locations for her retreats that allow us to spend time in nature, swim, read and relax in our down time.

All her retreats are organized with a healthy vegetarian diet which is usually one of the highlights of each day and Serena is always honoured to eat with the group so she can get to know them better and create a deeper bond and sense of community for the time everyone is together.

The Om Space, 185/10 Havelock Road,

Colombo 5, Srilanka

+94 750783383

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