Your Personal Resilience Tool Kit

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The Resilience Tool Kit  is a yoga inspired course to help you develop the skills to navigate these changing times.

Do you feel?

.. overwhelmed with all the change going on in the world?

..stressed at how this is all impacting your life?

.. like you don't have the capacity to weather the storm?

.. as though your are not equipped with the right kind of coping mechanisms?


Then you're in the right place!

The whole reason I created this program is because I realised more and more that I was turning to my yoga practice and tools when the pandemic hit!

In this unprecedented time, I noticed very quickly that I was having to find some sort of inner resilience and strength, just to get through the day. I had to keep reminding my self to stay in the present, to let go of attachments and plans and come back to my breath when things felt stressful or overwhelming.

I wanted to be one of those people who can accept gracefully all the challenging things in life and actually blossom during adversity, and as a result this course was born.

Now 9 months since the start of the Pandemic I am still finding these tools useful and drawing on then everyday and I hope that you will too.

Imagine if you could..?

.. use strategies to prevent and control anxiety and get a good night's sleep


.. ​kick-start the mindset to make the most out of an adverse situation and keep on growing


.. Feel strong in your body which will positively impact how you feel in your mind.


​.. feel inspired in your practice and confident in yourself


​​.. have the energy to tackle the day and feel refreshed..


Your Personal Resilience Tool Kit.

It is a yoga inspired program to cultivate your inner resources of wisdom and resilience - to help you on your journey and show you step by step how to get the peace of mind you're after.


It combines my love for the physical practice of yoga, with practical breath-work, meditation and journaling. It is a combination of everything well-being related that I have learnt over my 22 years as a yoga student, practitioner and teacher.


This approach helps you strengthen your inner reserves, fill your reservoir of energy and keep moving forward in an ever changing environment. Holistically working on your Body, Mind and Spirit so you can BE AND FEEL strong inside and out.

What's Inside the Resilience Tool Kit?

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Awaken your Inner Warrior with this Asana Practice broken down into easy to digest sections and accompanied by affirmations to bring positivity to your day

Enjoy a yoga Nidra that you can repeat whenever you are in need of a deep relaxation.


Work on your mindset and use journaling as a tool to accept and embrace change and in fact find the benefits in our ever changing world.


Learn and practice meditations, Pranayam and daily rituals that will connect you to your inner truth and guide you on the path to self awarenesss.

How does it work?

1. You sign up (it's only a one time payment)

2. Immediately after that you receive an email from me with the program

3. Start practicing (in less than 5 minutes)


You have the program FOR LIFE!


>> TODAY'S PRICE: $57 <<

Hi, there! I'm Serena..

Yoga & Meditation teacher

My name is Serena Burgess and I am a yoga and meditation teacher for people that want to feel good in their bodies, peaceful in their minds and connected with their spirit.  I am known in my classes for translating yoga philosophy and subtle anatomy into tools that we can use daily, in our lives. 

One of my favourite things is when one of my students tell me that something I recommended for them has made them feel good or helped them with something. My purpose is to give you access to the wonderful tools that yoga has to offer and to support you on your journey to well being. This mission feels so important to me because I use these yoga tools in my life all the time.


I can't wait to help you to connect to your super strong centre and unlock all the power and wisdom you have there...