Serena Burgess 

Yoga Instructor

So you have kind of met yoga teacher Serena and to be truthful she is not too dissimilar from everyday person Serena, who again, is not too different from you.

I, like everyone else, struggle with the day-to-days of life: the fatigue of working hard; the heartaches of loved ones being far away; the eternal questions about why the world is in such a state and what I can do about it all?

And some days it all makes me sad, tired and confused, but most days (I would say because of my yoga practice) I feel courageous, strong and resolute. 

I love my practice and wholeheartedly believe in the healing and therapeutic nature of yoga, in all its aspects.

I don't believe yoga is just about asana. Even if I taught  you to do the most perfect headstand,(and I do love to see the smiling faces of my students when they come out of a first headstand!), I believe there is so much more to the practice.

I feel that to teach yoga, is to give people an opportunity to see or live life, differently. Teaching them (amongst many other things) to use the inherent gift of their breath for their health and mental well being. I try to spark a love for ourselves and each other in all my students, as we share a collective responsibility for our world.

I hope to teach people to live with contentment and gratitude and to start to understand themselves in a way they had not made space for before.

I know I am just one individual and I cannot right the wrongs on our planet, but in the words of Mahatma Gandhi "In a gentle way, YOU can change the world"

The Om Space, 185/10 Havelock Road,

Colombo 5, Srilanka

+94 750783383

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